10 Ways technology is transforming the healthcare system

10 Ways technology is transforming the healthcare system

The technology is breaking barriers in all the fields and has equally marked its prominence in the healthcare industry. With a whole wide spectrum of dynamic applications, technology has broadly affected this sector. Ranging from virtual healthcare facilities to the extensive use of artificial intelligence each of the aspects contributes to transforming the scenarios of the healthcare industry. The technology is transforming the healthcare system in several ways as we are bound by it from all the corners.

1. Performing Surgeries with Virtual Reality

Drifting off from the entertainment sector virtual reality is even prominent in the healthcare industry. This is not only beneficial for the doctors but for patients as well. While doctors can use this innovation for training about surgeries, it is beneficial for the patients as it offers therapeutic remedies. Additionally, it also provides rehabilitation for minor pain and anxiety disorders. Not only this but it also victuals to a unique idea of using the audio-visual impairments with which one can actually feel how one becomes in old-age.

2. Reduced time of consultations with e-consultancies

Easy e-consultations with doctors in healthcare system
Have less time? Get consultation from any corner of the world

It is not easy for everyone to reach out to the doctors and especially people from rural areas. The telehealth services or the e-consultancies bridges the gap between doctors and patients. With this service, one can get the primary level care and easy diagnosis right from any corner of the world. Most of the applications either come with chatting or calling feature so that the doctor can directly contact the patient for better and detailed assistance. All the prescriptions will be given at that time and a followup option is also available. This is another way in which technology is transforming the healthcare system.

3. Accurate targeting with Nanomedicine

Providing the perfect pathway and targeting the precise delivery systems, nanomedicine is much better than conventional medicines. This field works on the individual atoms and molecules at a very minute scale that is “nanoscale”. To be more informative a normal newspaper is 1,00,000 nm thick while the nanomedicine size falls in the range of 1 to 100 nm. The global market of this division is expected to boost up in the coming years and it is widely used to cure cancer.

4. Extensive use of Artificial Intelligence

Intense use of Artificial Intelligence
Get smarter with the updating set of technologies

The artificial intelligence retains its place in quite a lot of diagnostic centers like eye problems, heart problems, and several others. Apart from this, it plays a major role in creating a data-driven diagnosis, in which artificial intelligence is used. This feature has the power to completely reform the medical healthcare systems by the correct use of supercomputers. With such a system the medical records could be mined and treatment plans could be easily dispensed. This is one way with which technology is transforming the healthcare system and is making the diagnosis process even easier.

5. Getting precision with Robot-Assisted surgery

This might appear impracticable to you but the robot-assisted surgeries are sweeping into the hospitals at a faster pace. The operations that involve minute level precision and are almost impossible manually, could be performed by this innovation. This enhances flexibility as well as control and also provisions to reduced chances of infections and complications. As the invasion is acute there are fewer scars on the body and the doctors can easily control the actions of mechanical arms by a monitoring device.

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6. Revolutionising organ transplant with 3-D printing

3-D printing of organs
Learn the body organs in a smarter way with 3-D printing

3-D printing is the new future of medicine and gives a deep insight into the internal tissues with blood vessels. It focuses on revolutionizing the organ transplant system and even produces printed skin for the victims who suffer from some burns. This feature is becoming a vital part of the healthcare industry as the number of organ transplants is on a constant hike and it is impossible without 3-D printing. With this exceptional aspect, technology is transforming the healthcare system majorly.

7. A better understanding of patients history

Analytics plays a major role in generating graphs and health reports of the patients. All the details of the patients right from the beginning could be kept at one place and this makes it easy to create a medical history report. Apart from this, one can also track health conditions and take precautions accordingly. This analysis record is must to cope up with the increasing number of health issues in the current scenario

8. Digitisation of health records

Make your records digital
Have fear of loosing the records? Get them digitised.

One of the key factors contributing to the ways technology is transforming the healthcare system is digital records. Losing health records is a common issue which everyone faces and with the recent transformations into the digital form, even the health records could be made digital. From the prescriptions to the medical reports, all of the documents which are important in creating a medical history could be uploaded at one place to get a consolidated view. Additionally, one can access these details from anywhere-anytime. This not only makes the record easily accessible but also make them efficient for the users.

9. Applications for healthcare and wearable technology

Imagining our life without cell phones is a little difficult, as most of the work is done from the applications it has. These applications are creating waves in the healthcare industry and have marked their prominence in all the fields. Right from the applications which measure your footsteps to the ones which give you access to an online appointment with doctors, each one of them is of utmost importance. Nowadays there are even wearables like the fit bands which can measure your heart rate and give alerts if it is boosted up.

10. Monitoring and diagnostic tools

Most of the tests and other medical tools are impossible without the use of technology. From the basic blood pressure machines to the MRI and ECGs, a maximum number of tests are completely dependent on the technology. With rapid advancements in this sector, it is getting better with every proceeding day. Additionally, technology has made working in the testing and monitoring sector easier for the doctors. With more such advancements the technology is transforming the healthcare system and thus lowering down the pressure on the doctors and laboratories alike.

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